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Routa is a Russian-American high-end designer and musician who is internationally renowned for her fashion collections and performances. Through her numerous runway shows, TV and radio appearances, she has shared her classic and elegant designs word-wide. Her designs are popular amongst American and European celebrities, including Larisa Dolina, Sati Kasanova, Nadia Ruchka, Tamara Jaber, Melissa Molinaro, Natalie Dormer, and Anna Kournikova, just to name a few. Her work has been showcased at international runway shows, including Russia, Israel, Germany and the United States. Many of her breathtaking runway presentations are accompanied by original poetry and instrumental music. Her work was also featured at Fashion Week in New York and MoscowFilm Festivals in Hollywood, as well as MTV. Her collections have been written about in top high-end magazines such as BeautyDosug, and Luxe.

Routa’s design career started in her attic studio where as a little girl she sewed dresses and costumes for herself and her dolls. The clothes she created were admired by her little girl friends and their mothers. She studied professionally at National Academy of Design in Moscow and presented her first collection at the Russian High Fashion Week. To buy the materials and supplies for the collection, Routa sold her fur coat, a present from her parents. Her sacrifice was not in vain, and she was invited to show her fashions at the Kremlin Cup-a tennis tournament, where Anna Kournikova became Routa’s first celebrity client. Routa’s designs were recognized by the press at the Russian High Fashion Week in 1999 and she received diploma of a professional designer.

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Classical art, nature, organic shapes, and color inspire Routa’s designs. Her designs focus on complementing a real woman’s body and accentuating the feminine aspect. The designer also creates fashion for men. Routa’s extensive technical knowledge of garment design and fabrics, as well as her creative abilities and training, are reflected in her wearable line of fashion. Her design work reflects the kind of woman she is herself; classy, elegant, sexy, strong, fun, and fearless. Her European style and sense of elegance makes her work unique and in-demand. Her lavish evening gowns reflect this classic elegance. In addition to high-end evening and wedding gowns, Routa also has a line of urban & every-day modern wear. Visit her gallery to view the latest collections and contact her design offices in Moscow or New York to place custom orders.

Routa believes in the importance of social service, volunteer work, and community involvement. As a designer and performer, she is always interested in giving back and helping those in need. Routa participates in charity events as part of her mission. Recently, Routa participated in a charity ball that helped graduates and students of modest incomes and orphans at The Moscow School prepare for the school’s final ball. Routa co-organized a major charity event, Night at the Museum, where she was the headlining presenter in support of children from an orphanage at city, Obninsk. During the event, paintings and pillows with prints of celebrities were sold and the money was sent to children in need. Routa also visited a boarding house for underprivileged children to inspire the girls there. She continues to provide guidance and inspiration to youth as well as young fashion designers with goals of realizing their dreams.

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Routa’s music is filled with emotion and a classic tradition. Her songs and melodies tell stories. Routa’s creative world is filled with music, art, and fashion design. “When it comes to communicating a mental sketch, I’m at a loss for words,” says the designer.

“It is much easier for me to express myself in music or to translate the image into fine lines on a piece of paper. Music and fashion are equally important and usually intertwining parts of my life.”


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